This page contains links to other guitar-related web-sites.
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German Sites

Gitarre im Alstertal ( )

A very interesting site : it contains guitar tipps, guitar courses, concerts, MP3 files, note sheets, books on guitars, German Guitar Calender, presentation of new CDs, etc. Some of the informations are specialized for Germany and the region of Hamburg. I appreciate this site - it has a good structure and many valuable informations.

Majendra Gitarren-Bibliothek

This site contains an alphabetical catalog of guitarists and links these to their web-pages. Very nice is a good discography of the artists ! Besides guitar music, also other aritists and bands are included. It's worth to have a closer look inside !

International Sites ( english )

World Guitarists ( )

This site expands news coverage for the World Classical Guitar Community. The site covers aritists, instruments, events, links, publishers, societes etc. This is the most complete reference on guitarrists I found so far.

The Guitar Site ( )

This site is one of the most up-to-date sources on the net for guitarists and guitar lovers and is updated daily.
It contains bands / artists, guitar tablatures, CDs, books, search engines, a guitar database and many other themes.

The Guitar Zone ( )

This site is an excellent place for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, all fretted instruments, effects, strings, luthiers, instructional videotapes, music CDs, and much more. The links listed can help you buy a guitar, repair a guitar, build a guitar, listen to great guitar music, share info with other guitarists, and the links are growing each day.
In addition, this site contains link pages for over 400 guitar related links.

This site by Boris Cohaniuc contains free notesheets and videos mainly for classical guitar and flamenco. The scores can de downloaded as PDF-Files. Very recommended!